Kyle was born in the Ottawa region and attended the University of Ottawa to complete his Master's degree in Physiotherapy. He has worked in multiple clinics in several disciplines, ranging from private practice to motor vehicle accidents. He has experience treating a variety of issues, including MVA, WSIB, sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries. Kyle has a vast interest in ergonomics and functional rehabilitation and his treatment focus is exercise based. He also focuses on manual therapy, and does not hesitate to use hands-on assessments to verify muscle imbalances and functional irregularities.

Kyle focuses on you, and will spend time to address one or several issues that are giving you grief. He will discuss your diagnosis and create a rigorous individualized treatment plan to promote a fast recovery. He is there for you and your family, and is proud to receive referrals on the basis of his accomplishments.

In his free time, Kyle enjoys weight training, biking and hiking. He has a passion for education and producing results. He has over five years of clinical experience which has allowed him to assess and treat many conditions. As Kyle says, “there isn’t much that I haven’t treated…” Learn more about physiotherapy here.