Originally from Quebec City, Laurence moved to Ontario to attend the University of Ottawa. She first graduated with an Honours Bachelor degree in Kinesiology and then moved on to obtain a Master degree in Physiotherapy. During her Master program Laurence became a member of student council where she was President. This allowed her to earn the 2015 Leadership Award of Excellence with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Laurence is now a Registered Physiotherapist, a licensed member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. Since she graduated, Laurence has been attending various post-graduate educational courses such as "Acupuncture and Dry Needling of the upper and lower extremities," "Neuroproprioceptive Taping Method," "Sports Physiotherapy First Responder," and more. She enjoys learning opportunities and loves to share her knowledge with her clients and colleagues.

Laurence has her clients' wellness and health at heart. She believes in treating every client in a unique way and spending the most possible one-on-one time with them. Patient education is an important part of her treatment as she firmly believes in giving clients the best tools to understand their condition and to learn how to cope with their pain. 

With her Kinesiology background, she also focuses on providing and teaching personalized exercise programs. Laurence enjoys many different sports, and works with high level sports teams in her spare time. She will be happy to assess your running skills or to provide each and everyone with tips to prevent any sports injury. 

Laurence is bilingual (French/English) so she will be happy to complete your psysiotherapy sessions in your preferred launguage. Learn more about physiotherapy here.